Our innovative microcements can quickly turn any surface into more beautiful, more functional, more resistant and more hygienic avant-garde surfaces.

Bedroom with microcement wall


Quality coatings for life

Our products are made with materials that have been recycled or whose production methods are respectful of the planet. This is the only way to guarantee quality that helps to improve people's well-being.


Our products are designed and applied in an artisanal way.

The handcrafted component is present in all the phases that our coverings go through. From their design, through their manufacture to their application. Our microcements are always in contact with love: from those who manufacture them, those who apply them and those who admire them afterwards.

Wall covered with handcrafted microcement
Living room with ecological microcement wall


Microcements that help to build a better planet

At Beton Cire we make every decision with the planet in mind. Thus, we have a range of decorative and constructive materials that not only respect aesthetic standards but also do the same for the planet, in another sign of good taste.

Dining room with microcement wall

Shape and create the environment you want from the wide range of microcement products designed to achieve exquisite decorative coatings.

Beton Cire's systems allow you to achieve flexible, minimalist and quality solutions without the need for building work or renovations that take time. Our products are designed to coat any surface, both indoors and outdoors, in just a few days.

Our range of products is designed to meet high quality design requirements and create a unique decorative environment that exudes elegance.

We manufacture microcements with the professional applicator in mind who is looking for unique, attractive and personalised finishes.

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In the same way that we manufacture our products, we will assist you. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or questions about our products. Our specialists will solve it with their great experience and know-how.

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