We are BetonCire, a company specialising in the manufacture, design and sale of high quality microcement, which strives to guarantee a better future through an eco-friendly, handcrafted and high-performance material.

Our work philosophy is governed by the fundamental fulfilment of our values as a company. We have engraved in fire the total dedication to our products and services, hence our professionalism and desire for constant development to be better every day in our field. With this, we ensure a product of supreme quality, extraordinary strength and durability, and with which to achieve exclusive finishes and sophisticated style.

For us, all the effort we make would be worthless if we were not proud of our work, so we want to do our bit for the world by offering a handcrafted product made from natural materials. All this with the aim that our presence favours the planet as much as possible, promoting sustainability through minimal emissions.

Personalised advice for applicators

In order to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of the applicators who work with our product, we have a highly qualified sales team, which is available at all times to provide technical support to the professional.

Our aim is to help the applicator by providing quick responses and personalised advice for each case. To do this, our professionals are thoroughly trained and work closely with the marketing department and laboratory technicians, thus ensuring quality responses and greater efficiency.

Are you looking for a microcement manufacturer? With us you have the certainty of having a high performance product and illustrious service, for outstanding results.

Benefits of being a distributor

At BetonCire we make sure to offer numerous advantages and exclusive benefits to any company or professional who has decided to choose us, trusting in the performance of a high quality decorative coating with which to favour the reduction of environmental damage, minimising the ecological footprint and achieving unrelenting results.

Being a BetonCire distributor means counting on:

  • Unconditional respect for the distribution channel.
  • Specialised technical and commercial advice.
  • Advertising and graphic support.
  • Support service in communication and marketing channels.
  • Detailed training courses.

Company specialising in training courses

At BetonCire we specialise in providing training courses for applicators interested in learning all the details about microcement and the different coatings at a theoretical level, as well as developing their practical skills through the knowledge of different techniques and procedures.

At BetonCire we specialise in providing training courses for applicators interested in learning all the theoretical details about microcement and the different coatings, as well as developing their practical skills through the knowledge of different techniques and procedures.

These are quality-assured courses in which the entire process of applying microcement will be taught, as well as the different ways of acting based on the variables that may be found in the installation. So now you know, do you want to become an expert? We will make it happen.

Fast and efficient solutions

As a company specialising in microcement and other quality decorative solutions, we make sure we have a team of highly trained professionals who guarantee quick and effective responses to any incident that may arise.

With us you will never feel alone, as we strive to provide a detailed and personalised service, with which you will feel fully satisfied. Our knowledge and experience are a guarantee of success in every situation.

Efficient delivery service

One of our greatest merits is our efficient delivery service. We understand the importance of having a product when you need it, so we offer a fast and reliable delivery service. For this we have a large stock that guarantees the total availability of our merchandise for every day of the year, ensuring that your projects have a quality material and in the desired time.

We are committed to a better future

As specialists in the production of environmentally friendly decorative coatings, our mission is to offer a microcement that guarantees the highest quality wherever it is applied and through which we simultaneously help to reduce the carbon footprint.

We believe it is necessary to raise awareness in the decorative and construction sector of the importance of taking action on a growing problem that affects everyone. We have already taken action and we wanted to take the first step towards this new trend, providing a cutting-edge material with which to achieve excellence in the results, betting on a better future.

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